Company Introduction
Megaforce, since established in 1991, has been enduring setbacks and tempered by challenges for years. While faced with an age of quick progress of technology, Megaforce chooses to pursue innovation while promoting product quality and diversity. The group has grown to make an annual revenue of nearly NT$6 billion thanks to all the devoted efforts of its staff workers.
Nowadays, 3C product design becomes even more diverse while product revolution proceeds at an even faster pace. Buyers demand faster product design and mold-making as well as shortened product cycle. Meanwhile, they become even more critical for product quality. All of this is nonetheless the primary reason for buyers to choose Megaforce as their manufacturing partners.
The establishment of every new factory marks another milestone of Megaforce's development, while the commencement of each new business will draw Megaforce one big step closer to the market. Because of its insist on raising each factory's competitiveness and development of quality control system, Megaforce has extended its manufacturing network to embrace 18 production lines, covering those in China and even the South America, with wide ranges of products and services including mold making, injection molding, electronics assembly, plastic coating, as well as opto-mechatromics and advanced IT products.For years, Megaforce has won the trust of many buyers from the 3C industry who commission whole packages of product design and production to Megeforce which has thus continuously expanded the base of its international buyers for an increasing global market share. In reaction to the rapid changes in the international market, Megaforce is continuously active in developing new product packages as well as the new product lines of high profitibility.Besides extending its service and product lines to cover the diverse technology application and manufacturing integration of the middle or later stages of production, it has been devoted to developing the new-generation wearing electronics and continues its R&D for opto-mechatromics innovation and integration. Meanwhile, it has been engaged on development of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding to support its R&D for bio medical devices and equipment. Megaforce has obtained ISO13485 certificate to ensure strict quality management of its products. Combining its R&D for electronic, machines, optic, and bio-medical products, Megaforce has followed the direction of diversity for its future development, committed to making all out efforts to fully satisfy buyer's  demand and will continuously pursue advanced technology to raise company's competiveness and employee's professionalism.
Megaforce treats its employees as company's most valuable assets, developing an enterprise culture centered at “Megaforce People” to practice the corporate principles of “Broad Vision, Creativity, Agility, Modesty, and Team Spirit” which are the key to drive Megaforce to stand out from counterparts. Only with healthy employees can a company pursue healthy development. So, based on the policy for protection of the health of its employees and their families, Megaforce set up a bio-tech subsidiary in January 2014, and will make all out efforts to promote a brand name of its own and make it one of the company's core businesses to provide branding services.
Megaforce takes the responsibility for assisting its buyers to sharpen their competitiveness, being active in pursuing advanced technology to create product diversity, expanding diverse services, and raising value-added to serve as a model company of the industry.